the Team

Kaytlin Bailey

A contrarian by nature and a provocateur by trade, Kaytlin is the host of The Oldest Profession. Unphased by conflict or dangerous ideas, she has worked as a political organizer, sex worker, stand up comic, and writer. Her one woman show, Cuntagious, enjoyed sold out performances and an extended run in multiple theater festivals in New York City.

Actively engaged in politics to challenge laws criminalizing the oldest profession, Kaytlin is the Director of Communications for Decriminalize Sex Work. Her biting satire, personal essays and advice column have been published in Vice, Broke Ass Stuart, Banter Girl, and The Honest Courtesan.


Justine McLellan

Justine is an audio producer and researcher from Montreal. Along with producing The Oldest Profession, she edits Myisha Battle's Down for  Whatever  and Ev'Yan Whitney's The Sexually Liberated Woman

Her work has been featured in Offscreen and the upcoming academic volume I Confess: An Anthology of Original Essays on Constructing the Self Within the Third Sexual Revolution.

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