From ancient Mesopotamia to current day U.S. from the most iconic household names to people you've never heard of, each episode of The Oldest Profession podcast tells the story of a different sex worker from history. 


In addition to a discussion of history's audacious old pros, the host Kaytlin Bailey brings a whore's eye view to current events and the latest in the ongoing struggle for sex worker rights.

After a decade working as a stand up comic Kaytlin decided to start her own podcast with comedian and former old pro, Wendi Starling. After the passage of SESTA/FOSTA, Wendi left the show to focus on other projects. 

Today The Oldest Profession Podcast is a resource that connects a network of sex workers & their allies all over the world to the history of sex work.


Regular contributor Ceyenne Doroshow has provided the podcast with the invaluable oral histories of trans sex workers. Other featured guests include Jacq The Stripper, Aditi Juneja and Gizelle Marie


Sex work can be isolating work, and the history of sex work often distorted or erased, but Kaytlin & her guests prove episode after episode that old pros are not alone. 

Host Kaytlin Bailey and producer Justine McLellan at a rally for sex worker's rights 

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